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We are now in full Christmas mode at the Glasshouse and this year we have dedicated over 50,000 sq ft to our Christmasland Showroom! We have been getting the same question every day. Do your employees go to school to learn how to decorate like this? What a wonderful compliment to continue receiving year after year! The answer is no. We pull from our year ’round staff to flip our store into an inspirational Christmas Wonderland. We are very fortunate to have such a creative team. A lot of Christmas retailers have to bring in professional designers to create what we can in house. It is a very rewarding process and it is encouraging to our customers to know that they can get a wealth of expert advice from anyone of our creative designers.

Here’s a small sample of what to expect from our 2017 Christmasland Showroom!

Over 50,000 Sq Ft Of Our Store Is Transformed Into A Christmas Wonderland!