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A Message From Dave

“Dave, you have done a fantastic job in here this year…. the Christmas Store looks incredible!!!”

Ok folks, I’ve been getting this compliment from our friends and customers way more than I admittedly deserve. I would love to take credit for it all because I feel the same way – and no not that I’ve done such a fantastic job but of the undeniable fact that the store does look simply outstanding.

The real reason is our incredible staff and even more so, my wonderful daughter Erin and wife Sue. They’ve put forth heart and soul with this huge job, working tirelessly for weeks to transform this place into what it is right now.

And if you haven’t seen it, well you really should. I can quite frankly say, it’s a one of a kind Christmas store like no other with so much forethought put into design, theming, traffic flow and a terrific visual experience. Each year gets better and this year it’s the best they have ever done! We’re also extremely lucky to have such a great crew of talented staff. Each have their own style and flare of design and decorating but they all take after Sue and Erin in their commitment to making this Christmas store very special. And very importantly they all have fun doing it, and it definitely shows!

So this leaves me… well, I hung up the new sign above the front entrance last week and quite honestly that’s pretty much the extent of my Christmas store contribution. Not that I’d prefer not to help with the rest, it’s more that… I know my place. It’s outside in gardens and yards! Although I do love this time of year, it’s a wonderful season and the staff loves it too, and it shows immensely! Come on in and I believe you’ll see what I mean. I truly thank you for your compliments but next time you’ll also know the truth….and will most likely direct them to who really deserves them most…. Sue, Erin, and all of your incredible staff, you have all done a fantastic job this year….the Christmas store looks incredible!!!!!