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There are lots of fun and interesting kitchen items to choose from at The Glasshouse Nursery. Our stock is always changing to make room for the latest trends.
You will find Gourmet Food items like Guy Fieri sauces, Gourmet Village baked brie toppings, Wild Hibiscus Flowers in syrup and Powell and Mahoney all natural cocktail mixes. Be sure to stop in often because our selection is always changing.

Gourmet Village

Our Gourmet selection has been growing for years! We started with just carrying their delicious dips and and kept adding to make a larger selection. Now we are selling a whole line of gourmet cheese balls, spreads, warm dips, serving dishes, etc. To view the full line of Gourmet Village and for some delicious recipes to try please Click Here.




The Zoku Quick Pop Maker is a great tool for delicious and healthy ice pops at a moments notice right in your own kitchen. You store the Zoku in your freezer, pull it out when you get the crave, pour fruit juice, yogurt or fruit in the slots, place the popsicle stick in the center, wait 7 Minutes and presto, you have a homemade ice pop! You can get as creative as you would like. Add stripes of different colours and flavors, cookie crumbs, banana slices and pudding etc. The possibilities are endless. There are recipe books available and lots of great ideas online. It’s a fun and educational project for your young ones.


The largest, 3 slot style is comparable to the size of a box of ice cream.

And we always have plenty of unique teas, aprons, barbecue wares, kitchen gadgets, serving dishes, mugs, spices and rubs, lunch to go ideas and more.

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