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Growing your own garden from seed is very rewarding.
It’s the perfect time to start your Dahlia Bulbs inside so you get the most out of your plants this year. Watch Darlene’s quick video to learn the key tips and tricks for starting your bulbs inside.



There are also many benefits that come from starting your garden from scratch. Some varieties simply do better when sown directly in the garden. There is an incredible amount of variety out there and it would be impossible for us to carry each and every one in ready-to-plant form. Fortunately you can have these varieties in your garden by starting from seed.




At the Glasshouse we have a great selection of flower seeds that arrive in the winter months so that you have plenty of time to get yourself organized and your seeds started indoors if you wish.




We also have an excellent selection of seeds for grow- your-own vegetables and fruits. We’re finding more and more over the years that people of all ages are starting vegetable gardens from seed in their backyards and in containers to have fresh home-grown taste throughout the summer months, for canning and freezing.


Glasshouse-Nursery-Spring-Vegetables (1)


The #GoLocal movement is gaining more and more momentum and were happy to help you get started.




From seeds, containers, soil, gardening tools, garden stakes and gloves, watering cans we’ve got everything you need to produce a healthy garden filled with tasty vegetables that you can enjoy throughout the year.

If you’re looking for specific varieties be sure to let us know. We’re more than happy to look into getting your special request.

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