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Gardening Tips:

What You Need To Know RIGHT NOW!

Having Problems With Slugs Eating The Hostas In Your Garden?

They can be a real nuisance especially when they eat your hostas. Here are a few tips for dealing with those pesky slugs.

If you have more questions or any other bugs or pests in your garden please feel free to come in and visit us. We would be happy to chat with you further about what you can do to help prevent these critters from devouring your beautiful garden.

Feed Your Hanging Baskets!!!

You’ve spent all that money on those beautiful hanging baskets. Now it’s time to feed them. Learn all about fertilizing your hanging baskets and containers.

Growing Plants, Flowers and Vegetables in Confined Spaces

Did you know that growing plants, flowers and vegetables in confined spaces is easier than you might think. You can definitely cram in a whole bunch of plants whether it be vegetables like tomatoes, peas, zucchini and lettuce or flowers and containers in your backyard even if its just a tiny little area.


Spring Gardening Tips & Tricks

Getting Spring Fever?

What should you be doing in your garden when it’s still to cold to plant.

Watch Glen’s video to learn:

  • What trees and shrubs should be trimmed in the spring and which ones SHOULD NOT BE!
  • How to trim your hydrangeas to promote larger blooms.
  • How to trim back your rose bushes to make them grow back nice and thick for this summer.
  • Tricks for cutting back your ornamental grasses without making a mess of your yard.
  • And…Mulching Made EASY!

Prep Your Pond For Spring

What steps should you take to ensure your pond is healthy going into the spring

Watch Karen’s Video To Learn:

  • How to successfully change or add water without disrupting the natural balance of your pond.
  •  Why adding a natural bacteria to you pond in the spring is a MUST
  • Fertilizing your pond plants
  • How to deal with string algae

Fertilizing your Lawn in the Spring

The benefits of fertilizing your lawn in the spring

Watch Glen’s Video To Learn:

Dividing Perennials For New Healthy Growth And a Healthy Budget!

Glenn shows us an easy way to divide perennials in your garden to help promote healthy plant growth. This method allows you to use sections from existing plants in other areas of your landscaping, stretching your gardening dollars.