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kid's toys

The Glasshouse Nursery and Garden Centre is always a fun filled trip for the kids in the Chatham-Kent region. There is plenty to do and see all year round.

Let the kids check out our toy centre for ideas on what to get them for birthday, holiday and Christmas presents. We have lots of seasonal toys for the beach, indoor and outdoor gardening, puzzles, stuffed animals, puppets and more.

We strongly encourage gardening with your children. It’s a great way to spend quality time together and it opens their eyes to our natural world and a hobby that you really enjoy.


Here are some tips to get your kids outside and learning how to garden:

  • bring them to the Glasshouse and let them help you pick out new plants and flowers
  • Children love having their own plot of land to play with. Try giving up a small corner of your garden so they can begin a project of their own
  • Get them equipped with their own tools, apron, hat and crocs
  • Whenever you can try explain what you are doing and why it’s an important step. Show them pictures. Seeing it done makes it easier.
  • Remember that young kids have a really short attention span. Have lots of options for them to choose from. Digging holes is always a fun job. Off-roading with dinky cars and action figures can help keep them busy when your trying to get the job finished up.
  • Create a fairy garden with them or purchase a ready-made garden at the Glasshouse Nursery and teach them how to care for it.
  • Sit down at the dinner table and talk about what you did in the garden. It always helps to congratulate on a job well done and reflect on a hard days work.
  • Try starting your kids off with a container garden project. We can suggest plants for you to try that are hardy.

Gardening with kids is always lots of fun. And we love having them visit us at The Glasshouse. We enjoy inspiring young ones when it comes to gardening as it is our passion as well.

Glasshouse Garden Club Members always receive 5% off purchases over $25 and get free admission to seminars (including all kids craft seminars). You’ll also save big on toys during our big sales events.