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New Garden Favourites for 2018

By Erin Robbins

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” -Claude Monet

In a Nursery, we see change more often than not. While classics remain, hybrids pop up, new colour varieties appear, and trends shift. This year, we are seeing some of the most brilliant and creative trends yet. With these trends, some of our favourite plants are getting their time in the spotlight, or new varieties offer refreshing looks at plants we already love. Here are some new and classic varieties we are absolutely adoring this year:


These little butterfly-shaped flowers are native perennials to North America. This means these plants know how to take care of themselves! The stunning variations of white and pink – like in our favourite variety, the Whirling Butterflies– makes the appearance of fluttering butterflies in even the lightest breeze”, a quality of these blooms that make it all the more captivating. Low-maintenance and stunning, it’s no wonder this plant has become so popular.

Gaura will grow to be 12-24 inches tall, making them a beautiful choice for containers or in the garden. They are adapted to handle both drought and plenty of rain, but well-draining soil is a must. Plant in full sun and water occasionally for gorgeous Gaura blooms year after year!


Fuchsia flowers are one of the most show-stopping varieties to add to a garden. Their multi-layered blooms open up to reveal a stunning origami-like shape, giving them a jaw-dropping,beautiful, unique look. Due to their drooping flowers, Fuchsia shrubs have long been popular in hanging baskets. This year, however, we are noticing their growing popularity in planters where their arching nature can be better displayed.

Fuchsia love Southwestern Ontario’s heat, but not sunburns, so plant in partial shade or filtered sun. Plant in a rich soil and water often enough to keep it moist, but not damp. Use an all-purpose fertilizer to give them a little pick-me-up occasionally and enjoy the fantastic Fuchsia blossoms all summer!


Lemongrass has become more and more popular in recent years due to its versatility. An intoxicating, citrus aroma makes it ideal for cooking or teas but has another, added benefit. The lemony scent of Lemongrass is also a great deterrent for mosquitoes! Rather than adding another unsightly repellent stake to your garden, consider planting an all-natural, gorgeous, and fragrant patch of Lemongrass instead!

Plant this powerhouse grass in a sunny spot with rich, moist soil. Replace your purple fountain grass or spike with this specimen and you will not be disappointed. Water regularly to keep its lush green colour and that mouth-watering quality packing it’s punch. Harvest your lemongrass late in the season and remove the stalks to enjoy a delicious Asian-inspired flavour in all your favourite dishes.

Vertigo Grass

This new variety of Fountain grass by Graceful Grasses is perfect for adding contrast to any garden. The tall, deep purple stalks have a moody quality that will add depth to a garden that may be full of bright colours. Don’t be fooled by it’s simple, grassy nature, thinking it will blend into the background. Vertigo Grass can reach up to 5 feet when fully grown! This makes it not just an accent, but a statement piece, as well.

Despite its dark colouring, Vertigo Grass prefers plenty of sun. This plant is both heat and drought tolerant, so a little summertime neglect won’t hurt your new garden grass. Water and fertilize to encourage vigorous growth and its vibrant colour Adding a creative edge and thrill to your garden has never been simpler!

“Sparks Will Fly” Begonia

One of our absolute favourite new annuals to be featuring this year is the Sparks Will Fly Begonia. The stunning, light orange blooms set against its dark foliage truly make these flowers look like little sparks in the night sky. Not only stunning, these Begonias are low-maintenance and will add radiant brightness to your garden without the extra work.

Begonias are shade-lovers and will do great anywhere where they can get some indirect or filtered sunlight. Plant them in well-draining soil and water when the soil is just dry to the touch. Keep them happy with a Nitrogen heavy fertilizer (first fertilizer number)and be prepared to fall in love with your Sparks!

With beautiful blooms, low-maintenance options, and multi-purpose qualities, it’s no wonder these plants are favourites this year. They offer a fun new upgrade to anyone’s garden. There is a perfect partner for any gardener this year. Come in today and have a look around to see which of these popular favourites will steal your heart!

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