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The Glasshouse carries a lot of product. Some of it being quite heavy. Without our delivery service you would have a tough time getting all of your garden requirements to your home or business.
The most common deliveries are of our bulk products such as soil, mulch, stone, rocks and other garden products. If you’re busy working in the garden give us a call and you can order and pay for your bulk mulch, soil and stone over the phone and we will have it delivered to you when you need it and even withing a few hours if requested.

delivery truck and mulchWe are happy to deliver anything we sell including furniture, pots, statuary etc. etc.

We will gladly place the products where you want them. Whether it is in your backyard or in the far room of your house.

Our basic delivery charge in the Chatham area starts around $42.00.
Although, delivery rates can sometimes get a bit complex, as for example, you might need the placement of items such as large rocks, trees or patio furniture in the back yard which may require extra help. This can affect the charges so we ask that you call us for a quote @ 519-352-1127.