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Pot Selection Is More Complicated Than Just Picking Out The Colour You Like!

Things you may want to consider:


A rule of thumb: Pots should be at least ½ the size in height and width of the mature size of the plants you plan to put in them, ie. Geraniums should be planted in a 12″ pot (or larger) since they grow to 24″. Plants that outgrow the pot will become root bound, making it hard for their roots to absorb moisture.



Are you going to want to move the pot around on occasion? Pots are made from many mediums including concrete, ceramic, plastic, fiberglass, resin etc. Some are very heavy and some are light-weight. Bear in mind that concrete may hold moisture better than plastic or fiberglass, so the amount of sun shining directly on the pot and the demand from the various types of plants which you may plant in the pot may need to be considered in your decision making.

Another consideration is, will the pot be exposed to wind? If so, it should have some weight to it so it doesn’t blow over and break and damage the plants!



Where will you be placing this pot and will you need to protect your floors with a matching saucer?



This is the fun part! Will it match the colour theme of the area in which it will be going?

Black is a classy choice but if the placement is in direct sun all day long, black tends to absorb light causing it to heat up and could create a miniature desert. If you are going this route, keep an eye on your watering and choose plants that can handle the heat and drought.


At The Glasshouse we take all of these elements into consideration when helping you find the perfect pots. We’ll even lift them into your car!

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