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Tackling Your Yard This Spring

By Erin Robbins

Spring is nearly synonymous with new life, as plants and seeds wake up to show eager green shoots. The season is so full of potential, and spring is the perfect clean slate to start your plans for improving your yard. Whether you’re working from bare soil, or beginning new projects in an established garden, spring is the perfect time to get started. Here are some of our favourite and inspirational top tips for tackling your yard this year.  

Getting Started

A great yard starts with a great plan. Take the time to brew some coffee and brainstorm some ideas for your garden this season. New projects can be overwhelming – taking the time to nurture your vision will help you avoid frustration and keep your gardening enjoyable, while giving you the best results.

Are you new to gardening or like second opinions? Visiting the Garden Centre to get advice and suggestions now can help you develop your ideas and plans for free! Now that you’ve got a dream garden project in mind, it’s time to get started. As with most things, the best place to begin is with a great foundation.

Setting Up Your Soil

As tempting as jumping straight to selecting flowers and colours is, it’s important to start with the basics. Soil is the most important building block in your healthy garden – it feeds and supports your plants and grass, while also managing moisture levels. Take the time early this spring to ensure your garden has the right soil (or before laying sod on new yards), and you’ll be rewarded with healthy and hardy plants. Setting up your lawn and garden for success brings you closer to your fabulous dream garden with far less work. The ideal soil has a healthy amount of black earth, rich in nutrients, and drains well. Developers sometimes skimp on valuable black soil when building new homes, and established gardens eventually become dusty without added nutrients. Here’s how to test your backyard to see if it stacks up, and how to give your soil a boost.

Drainage: If water pools in your soil, it could drown the roots of your plant. On the other hand, if your soil drains too quickly, your plants may not have the moisture and nutrient reservoir they need to thrive between waterings.  You can test the quality of your soil by taking a fistful of moist soil and squeezing it tightly into a ball. If it falls apart as soon as you let go, your soil could be too sandy. If it stays in a tightly packed ball, it likely has too much clay. Your ideal soil should hold its shape when packed, but fall apart when you poke it.  If your soil isn’t ideal, all it takes is an afternoon of work to give it the boost it needs for a season of growing. Sandy soil can be fixed by mixing in some rich Black Earth. Bags of 3-Way-Mix or organic compost will give your soil the nutrients and substance it needs to feed your plants. On the other end of the spectrum, soil that is full of clay can be easily managed with some peatmoss spread on top.
Nutrients: Your soil will need to hold nutrients to feed your plants as much as it will need to hold water. Using organic fertilizers before laying sod or gardening will help boost the long-term health of the soil for several seasons. In your containers with hungry annuals, slow-release granular fertilizers are a good choice to keep the roots fed all season.


Mulch is the often under appreciated best friend for your garden. It is incredibly valuable in keeping the roots of your plants healthy under a layer of insulation. It will protect roots from both the extreme heat and cold that our local climate offers while helping to avoid soil compaction. It’s aesthetic bonus isn’t limited to just making your beds look cleaner and more polished, either. Mulch works hard in your backyard so that you don’t have to. The insulating properties of mulch help to lock moisture into your soil and avoid losses to evaporation. Your plants reap the benefits of more uniformly moist soil, and you’ll notice that you have to water far less often. As another bonus, the addition of mulch helps your garden look healthier and more manicured than ever by preventing weed growth. With the right application of mulch your plants get all of the advantages, weeds struggle to take hold, and you get to enjoy it, rather than always working on it. We’re excited to offer an assortment of 6 different colours and types of mulch, available for delivery. See the images below for the varieties we carry. From left to right: Royal Red, Pine, Cedar, Golden, Enhanced Premium and Black Night Mulch.

There’s a look suited for any yard, or for any project – big or small. There’s a reason our Mulch Promotion is always early Spring! Garden Club Members, click here to pre-order your Large Buckets of Mulch for $40 before April 26. Receive instant gratification with a healthy garden from day one and mulch is much easier to spread and less time consuming early spring before new perennial shoots become obstacles to step on and to spread around. The right foundation will not only make your garden healthier, but much easier to take care of.  You can have a beautiful yard every year as you work towards your dream garden, and spring is the perfect time to start the journey towards your goal.

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